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Well, it took me the better part of the 20 years of my life, but I finally found the font that was used for the menus in the first Turok , the elusive gismonda. I put it to good practice when making my tech tree which can be reached using the appropriately named Tech Tree link.

Despite my moving in to the new college this week I still managed to update with a few new weapons renders and descriptions.

Ok I guess that wasn't the final home. Dang Soldnergaming site went downhill and I was left unable to access my FTP, but now we've switched hosts yet again and I can start updating again. That and the upcoming release of Soldner also means I lack excuses for not working on updates. Sadly I didn't get into Soldner beta, so figuring out how to configure my mod ideas to work in the actual game becomes that much harder when you've never played it. But that's the risk we take.

Anyway, what I have updated is a few new vehicles and kits. Refined some names and descriptions. Added some random (literally) descriptions in the character and weapon sections.

Here I am. Moved hosts yet again! Will this be the final home for T:M? Will this mod ever succeed? Who knows? Let's find out! Here's hoping!

Yes......I know I still don't have any wepaon renders up, but they're out there somewhere! But notice I did add some brief desrips in the Kits&Vehicles section. So eat up peoples, and get to that forum! it's lonely in there! Oh and notice my pretty tree background. If if weren't for that stupid side banner the pics would align correctly. But I'm looking into getting hosted by XS.
Ooh yeah, I got a forum up and running! Well isn't that special? Go here you maggots!

Harumph. Work has been slow. I haven't been keeping up with my weekly weapons updates. It's been 18 days since I started trying to make a new one everyday and I'm only up to five now :(. But if it's any consolation I did update vehicles department with some new junk.

Through many weeks of my inherent lazyness, I had a few weak moments and updated my Battlefield and Character page with additional pictures and descriptions. Enjoy, or else! BTW if anyone thinks they can make a better web page then give me an email.

Yes, I have finally gave the Turok mod a site independent from the regular JR Productions site.  And it looks just as bad as the last one too!  But no matter, I'm just biding my time until we closer to the October '03 release of Soldner, then we'll really be able to roll things out of the factory. For now all we can do is make some models, draw concept art, or write some articles on the different characters, and think think think. And maybe research some proper web development skills.

Sorry for the pop-ups, I have no control over them.

And just to make sure people don't accidentally put too much blind faith in me, I encourage you all to read this article.


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