TUROK: Mercenary


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Man Powered
Compared to their mechanical and electronic bretheren, these weapons suffer from limited strength and/or range, but they are light (if weight becomes a factor in the game), stealthy, cheap, and overall good first slot weapons.

War Blade
Sunfire Pod
Razor Wind
Tek Bow
Conventional slug throwers will be the most comfortable to the general FPSer.  Quick firing with reasonable pricing and an abundance of ammo.

Mag 60

assault rifle
Assault Rifle (Turok 1)
    This the standard infantry weapon with good range and accuracy. It's not as flashy as the other weapons but it is ideal for quick takedowns at a distance. It has a 30 round magaizine and can be fired in either single shot or full auto mode.


Automatic Shotgun (Turok 1)
     A Streetsweeper shotgun model specially modified for gas-operated automatic fire.  The 16 round drum magazine can be emptied in a matter of seconds, but that severly effects the recoil. These factors make it best suited for close range crowded battles. It too can fire explosive slugs.


Tranquilizer Gun

Energy and chemical based weaponry offers things a little more fancy on the battlefield. Energy bolts are more damaging than bullets and don't fall from gravity. However the bolts are easily visible, they consume more ammo with each shot, and have less impact force.

Pulse Rifle
Alien Weapon

Particle Accelerator (Turok 1)
    It's the handheld atom smasher! Charging the weapon will draw from the energy cell and spin up the particles. Release the trigger to send the particles spiraling to break down the atomic structure of your opponent. Charging it up more will consume ammo but will make more powerful shots. Maintaining a full charge will still consume small amounts of ammo.

Plasma Rifle
Firestorm Cannon
Charge Dart Rifle
Flare Gun
Freeze Gun

Achieve burnination with the explosive weapons. Half made for indirect fire against personnel and others made for anti-vehicular and anti-structural use. These get more expensive and ammo is less plentiful. Slow firing and not very accurate, these are more suited for for setting traps and ambushes than a one on one brawl.

Grenade Launcher
Quad Rocket Launcher
Proximity Fragmentation Mine Layer
Scorpion Launcher
Napalm Gel
Cerebral Bore

Doomsday Weapons
The most powerful weapons are also the most expensive. They generate many kills in a large radius. This advantage is offset by the fact they come with limited ammo, and are slow to fire. If you kill someone with a doomsday weapon, it will detonate and damage people near him, though on a lesser scale, though this means you won't be able to scavenge it.

Fusion Cannon
Personal Singularity Generator