Turok Mercenary was a mod for the poorly received Solder: Secret Wars. Due to either the poor reviews of Soldner or the lack of a free animation import system, Turok: Mercenary has been canceled.
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Risen is the official collection of JRP's online comics. Initially, a single epic techno-thriller, Risen is now mostly a collection of fan art and filler comics, many starring the five strong Risen Fansbase.
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Concept Art


Dark Cry" is the modification to bring Perfect Dark gaming to the PC. Initially planned for Far Cry, the possibility of porting it over to Half-Life 2 is being pursued.
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Risen 2012
Risen 2012 is a mod based on the as yet nonexistent webcomic of a similar name. Command one of five warring factions in this military strategy. This mod is for Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War, or some other RTS.
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Link relinked

Concept Art link now redirects to the Risen 2012 screenshot page.


Dark Cry on the move again

Check out the new revamped Dark Cry site!


Almost made it a year without updating

So close! Anyway, I put in some descriptions in the link area. Plus you can see I am preparing to add on the Risen 2012 portion of my website. Stay faithful, brothers!


Yet another domain switch!

Being a transfer student at the tech savvy UW-Whitewater I get 50MB of webspace, which is the least I can expect since they took away my rooms that you can actually lay down in width-wise, decent tasting tap water, and co-ed floors. But at least we no longer have that huge banner on the side anymore, which really made things bad-looking. Like-wise I have consolidated my Turok: Merc and Dark Cry sites and brought them here as well. Risen remains at Keenspace because of that labor-saving autokeen feature.


Dark Cry" is here!

The Dark Cry" site is finally up in its skeleton form! Ok, I guess I should explain that the purpose of the Dark Cry project is to expand the lifetime of classic Perfect Dark gaming by bringing the maps onto the PC utilizing the power of Far Cry's Sandbox editor. In addition to the Perfect Dark maps I'll probably make some Goldeneye or similarly themed maps like the Piz Gloria or the complete Area 51 to take advantage of Far Cry's larger player capacity and specialty in outdoor maps. If all goes well there I may make the project into a complete conversion mod with gametypes, bots, and weapons. But let's got get ahead of ourselves. Refurbished links are on the left.


After only 7 months

Risen is now online! Check it out here.


Oh my god! Oh my god! The casket is on fire!

Aaaaaah! I just put up 6 new concept arts! Holy Moses! Go! Look!


Yes, I'm still alive

I'm just putting most effort into the Turok mod lately. Sorry all you web comic fans out there!


More goodies

It took some time, but I have now updated the Battlefield and Characters section of the Turok web site with pictures and descriptions.


Turok, the web page

Today I have given the Turok mod it's own web page (even though you can still access all the pages here) but have a look, but keep some bandages nearby should your eyes bleed.


Concept Art not taken off life support yet

Color studies of Rulf and Becki and the unnamed city now in the concept art section. Enjoy!


Concept Art still surviving

This time we added Sid Nightwolf as our latest entry to the concept art section. We're not dead yet! HmmmmmHHHHmmm!


More "Ah-has"

Ah, now we know why no one visited my web site after Kublacon. Those SAA people finally came out with the finalized version of the comic book and by golly my idea for the advertising section never made it into fuition, no doubt because of my badmouthing their showing at Kublacon. But oh well, like I said JR Productions lives on with the Turok mod. I'll be working on that more once this school year is finished and I'm moved back home next week. (kinda makes up for the rediculously early Spring Break). Now I must go play boffer CTF with the potential love of my college life. Ta ta!


Turok Mod Update

Now we bring you this very special update. A navigation bar!


Well, there you have it

Well, the people have spoken, in a manner of speaking, by not speaking at all! The lack of local hits to my web site, the lack of a SAA meeting from even taking place this week, and the lack of days between now and my deadline, means this thing is kaput! I know not why, but the numbers do not lie! Thus, I am closening up shop for this web comic. Like many projects before it, it too can now travel down the endless river to foggy oblivion. But weep not for the future, love. The web comic may be lost, but the spirit of JR Productions lives on! As long as there is a project to be done, like the Turok mod for the upcoming PC game Soldner. Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!


Aha, I am vindicated!

My concern over my Kublacon, SAA, comic book, advertising thing has been well justified. No one has visited the page since then save a couple from the IGN boards who have no relevance to this matter. But what hurts even more is that my co-club memebers haven't shed a glance at it. No appreciation for the new guy trying to prove himself. *sniff* Not even giving him a chance *sob* But fear not for me, so long as I stick to the philosophy of having low expectations of people, then I'll rarely be shocked and disappointed at instances such as this. But if this trend continues until, say, next Sunday, then I'll scrap this project for real since it won't be worth the effort of squeezing it in between my job and summer courses if no one cares. Let the countdown begin!


Kublacon report

Want to cure what ails you, insomniacs? Then hop over through the cold to Kublacon, the biggect scifi/fantasy convention this side of the Rock River and this side of Turtle Creek. Okay, maybe it was deader than Bin Laden taking a midnight stroll through Hell's Kitchen but still. I shouldn't be suprised as much as sobered like I usually am at the goings ons at Beloit College. Before I go off on a rant about that, let's focus on our club's showing at the event. I had to go there there twice before I finally saw the SAA's setup. It was sad. A foldout table put into a dark corner with no one, not even our fearless leader nearby to spout out the glories of our comic book. If one could even tell that's what it was about. All I could see on the table was a smattering of catgirl drawings, the book that was the culmination of our efforts nowhere in sight. I fear for the livelyhood of our club, our comic book, and my own web site after this. I don't say these things to hurt, I say them out of concern. Why I even made a costume as a promotional gimmick for my comic, but all my effort was wasted and I will die in vain! Click on the pic to get a bigger picture.



Fire Bush!

Brief political editorial or lewd comment on females with diverted melanin? You decide! Anyway I hope the two people that have visited this page so far enjoyed my April Fool’s article. Hardeehar! *cries inside* Not here not now. C'mon mate. Not here not now. Ok, back to business. I have successfully gained brownie points with our fearless leader of the SAA (who incedentally also heads the George W. Bush Fan Club) by suggesting we reserve space in our yearly magazine for advertisements to the artist’s own personal web pages. The idea was unexpectedly well received, considering it having been designed purely to promote my own self-interests. But as a wise man once said “Do not question the fountain that springs forth good fortune, for you’ll jinx it or something.”

Get thineself ready Kublacon! For my lack of charisma shall surely bring about certain doom and suck all the fun out of the room!


Crack of Doom – Uncut

Very bad news. I just got a new girlfriend but she’s very controlling. I’ll no longer be able to continue my work on this web comic, for now my days will be filled with going shoe shopping with her and telling her her butt doesn’t look fat in that. And my nights will be with inundated with me giving her jewelry in hopes to calm that headache she always seems to get, though it never seems to work. 0_o

Nonetheless, if you want to check out some concept art I had going for this project, click on this page.



160,0,80. On the verge of it’s 8½ anniversary, the company that brought you the films “The Mega Couses” and “Attack of the Killer Snowman”, the Metalwalker comics series among others, the Now News 24 hour cable news network, the rusty copper selling album “Love Don’t Fail Me Now”, the scifi novel “Eunos Ex Machina”, the Royal Intelligence Service, and “The Great Shadow of Oblivion” religious cult and in partenership with Graham Enterprises the Graham Enterprises Picnic. …and that wasn’t a complete sentence was it?

Anyway, the “company” that brought you all this (I say “company” because aren’t really on the NY stock exchange per se, nor do I have any investors, nor am I registered with the IRS, or really actually sell anything…YET!)

Oh crap I trailed off again. Yes, JR Productions finally caught up with the times 4 years too late and got it’s own website! (unless you count the fluke that was the “Eternal Dr. Wilyness” web comic site)(actually I made a website for my cult too now that I think of it).

And why would I be doing this, you ask, after all my projects either failed halfway or never released (here is the website for my cult, all the content having been mysteriously replaced with two identical screen grabs from “The Mega Couses”. I really don’t remember what happened this was 1999 after all)?


1. I have no life.

2. The proof is in the pudding. (see above)

3. I’ll never have a cool job (see less-than-notable teachers and course listings at Beloit College, no realtime interactive simulation major) Come back to us Ms. Bastian! We miss the bunnies, even though this face holds no emotion! But I do! :|

4. I joined a comic book club halfway through the year so I feel like a useless newbie because I came in too late to submit any work and I just sit there taking up valuable sofa real estate space.

5. 4 was getting too long. I’m making the web site *singsong voice* so I can be just like them! And prove that I actually can draw (dropping from sethpesthsethsez’s universal prerequisite art course would no doubt leave sore impressions on the fearless leader)

6. I already failed at impressing the theatre people, my usual clique. Nah.

7. Despite my inability to utter coherent sounds in real life, I actually do have a command of English, plus UN inspectors say “there is evidence of a personality, but Sadd’aspergerssyndrom’ussein hides it well.”

8. I beat Metroid Prime and RE0 and Zelda so I have nothing else to do.

9. I WILL get Bill Amend to speak at KublaCon. You watch!


10. If I cannot get a comic into our group’s publication, then I will post it here! Dun dun dun! Bwahahaha! Stay tuned!