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Perfect Multiplayer (once for Far Cry) now on the Source engine!
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03.10.05 - Upadated the look of the site to reflect its sourcitude!

01.19.05 - Dark Cry has returned with renewed vigor with the news that Counter-Strike: Source supports bots!

03.14.04 - Added Game Modes section to the site.

01.19.04 - Added Weapons section, though not very robust yet. Added a couple renders to the Concept Renders section.

01.02.04 - The Dark Cry" site is finally up in its skeleton form! Ok, I guess I should explain that the purpose of the Dark Cry project is to expand the lifetime of classic Perfect Dark gaming by bringing the maps onto the PC utilizing the power of Far Cry's Sandbox editor. In addition to the Perfect Dark maps I'll probably make some Goldeneye or similarly themed maps like the Piz Gloria or the complete Area 51 to take advantage of Far Cry's larger player capacity and specialty in outdoor maps. If all goes well there I may make the project into a complete conversion mod with gametypes, bots, and weapons. But let's got get ahead of ourselves.

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