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    8/02/15 - Exclusive New Updates Just For You!

    New works of art have been added to the Fine Art and Graphic Design sections. Highlights include pencil drawings of weddings and poster designs for non-profit organizations in Cheviot.

    9/13/13 - TheBladeRoden.com Has Switched Hosting!

    JR Productions has finally been kicked out of the nest that is UWW's student storage FTP hosting. 6 years post-grad is a good run, though, I think. But now we must fly! Fly with our own real hosting, and real non-redirecting domain! Well, by now, I mean as soon as our real flying feathers replace our down, whatever that means. But in the meantime, we have found a home at heliohost.org. Say hi!

    An exciting new section has been added today! On the left side you'll see a link to my Doom modding efforts. Though they are more like Mega Man expansion mods for a Mega Man mod for a multiplayer mod for a Doom 2 sourceport.

    JR Productions is also partnering with LR Productions to create JLR2 Productions, a company specialized in running photo booths for weddings and other special events. Check it out under the Affiliates section on the right side!

    I'm also trying to clean up the CSS some more and reorganizing the Video page.

    Updated email and added LinkedIn link.

    Has it really been so long? Work on the website continues. Despite my efforts, certain images and the CSS don't seem to work in Internet Explorer, so I recommend viewing this website in Firefox. Also I should probably put a link to the classic JR Productions site here.


    Proper subpages for this site have not been completed yet. But in the meantime I will link to various offsite pages that deal with my work.

    Behold! The JR Productions site is back online in proper format. Flash sites are so early 2000's. So I've gone retro with 90's HTML. And not even CSS'd HTML. Your fancy futuristic PHP will have to wait until later, sadly.

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